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Projects Undertaken

Supply Chain Network Redesign

Carried out a detailed review of a major manufacturer and importers business and made recommendations that moved them from an initial view to go to a 3rd party Logistics solution at a cost of +$3.0 million to a solution that used existing infrastructure more intensively and saved them approximately $800k over existing cost levels (a potential $4.0 million turnaround in cost to the business). A similar project in the Health field should likewise deliver savings in the order of $1.0 million on completion.

Supply Chain Diagnostic Snapshot

Many projects commence with a short diagnostic review to identify issues and opportunities in clients Supply Chains. In most cases these have ranged from final Customer to raw material inputs. A number of diagnostic tools and survey instruments are used in conducting these reviews.

Warehouse Layout & Picking Methodologies

Assisted an Importer/Distributor with a very wide SKU profile to layout its greenfield warehouse including arranging the slotting of individual SKU's to aid in picking productivity. Made recommendations on shelf and carton life storage so that a "quick pick" zone could be set up.

S&OP Implementations

AD Supply Chain Group has assisted several clients to implement the Sales and Operations Planning methodology in their businesses. This has included recommendations on software, development of forecasting methodologies, internal education and training and mentoring/monitoring the process once underway. Industries have included a complex manufacturing business, Import/Distribution of electrical components and Building Products.

Supply Chain Footprint Review

We have assisted an Import Distributor to identify the most optimal supply chain footprint to keep the customer service promise they have made. This has resulted in a recommendation to shift from 5 State based warehouses to 3 with no deterioration in service levels. The gains in inventory will also contribute to the savings that the business will make.

Lean Supply Chain

We have also assisted several organisations with training and project support to implement Lean Supply Chain improvements. Activities have included Lean Assessments, Value Stream Mapping and decision making tools. Innovative solutions such as tracking forklifts using GPS devices have allowed clients to optimise their operations.

Strategic Review

Undertook a Strategic Review of a Logistics Services company and made recommendations on how improvements could be made to its operations and sales acquisition processes.

Supply Chain Waste Reduction Projects

Project managed a series of 5 waste reduction projects across Regional Victoria and personally led 2 of these projects. Supply Chains involved ranged from Automotive, Food Production to Building Products.

Supply Chain Simulations & Workshops

Have assisted several organisations by running Supply Chain Simulations and Workshops to assist them in understanding how Supply Chains work and the impact of certain changes on these operations. Have also run several public workshops on subjects such as Lean Supply Chain and Supply Chain Risk.

Supply Function Review

Worked with a major health industry client to assess their Supply function and make recommendations on the strategy for sourcing and procurement, structure and systems requirements. Following this worked with the client to implement the recommendations.