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Take our simple but powerful Growth & Profit Solution (GPS) diagnostic to help you identify your top three growth and profit issues for 2011 in just 10 minutes.

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Read about leading edge Supply Chain and business issues such as Supply Chain Risk, Supplier Performance Improvement and Measuring Supply Chain Relationships. Feel free to comment and engage in the conversation ..... MORE ....

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Welcome to ADSupply Chain

AD Supply Chain Group Pty Ltd and our associates are committed to helping organisations make measurable improvements in their Supply Chain and Procurement operations.  We do this via consulting projects, education and training programs, as well as ongoing mentoring and support.
We take pride in applying the latest thinking in Supply Chain and Procurement to provide workable solutions to client’s improvement opportunities.  Our aim is to leave clients with the tools, skills and knowledge to continue the process of improvement long after we have left.

Our training and education programs are based on the most up to date research in the areas we specialise in.  Programs can be tailored to individual organisations' needs and language.  If desired, most programs with the addition of suitable assessment can qualify participants for nationally recognised award qualifications from our associated University and Registered Training Organisation partners.

You can be certain if you engage AD Supply Chain Group to assist you that you will have gained valuable benefits and enhanced your knowledge of your Supply Chain and Procurement operations and how to improve them.


AD Supply Chain 'On-Line'


We want to introduce “AD Supply Chain Online”. Our clients can gain access to an online delivery platform provided by our network partner, Mindshop. "Mindshop Online" is part of the wide ranging development / implementation support we provide to clients. This innovative platform provides us the ability to capture and track in one location all your strategies, actions and professional development. We provide confidential support and solutions drawn from hundreds of business tools, professional development courses and other resources. It is how we turn strategy into action and do it faster with more accountability for results.
Mindshop Online allows us to speed up the pace of implementation and support we provide you in order to deliver successful profit and growth outcomes for your business.

Why not complete our Growth and Profit Diagnostic to see how this vast array of resources will align the professional development of your team to your business goals. Just click here.
For further information please contact us.


We Have Updated our Business Diagnostic!

Take our newly created and powerful 'Business Diagnotic"

AD Supply Chain Group has now released a special Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business diagnostic to assist you in just 5 minutes pin-point your top 3 growth and profit issues for the year ahead. Click the below link to access the diagnostic and follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Enter your details (so you can be sent a report of your outcomes)
Step 2. Answer 25 simple questions about your business questions using a -5 to +5 scale
Step 3. Click 'Send my results' to be emailed a report highlighting your results and areas to improve

Next Steps
After you have completed the GPS business diagnostic we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your results with you personally if you would value. During this brief call or coffee meeting we would identify the key areas for improvement and discuss strategies to implement the relevant solutions in your business.

We trust you find this GPS business diagnostic valuable in helping you pin-point key areas of improvement in your business for the year ahead.




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Learn the skills and knowledge needed to logically solve problems by using our online training course to address a real problem and arrive at a sustainable solultion... Simply email


Vested Centre of Excellence


AD Supply Chain has become a certified Vested® Centre of Excellence!

See our dedicated Vested Page .....HERE or visit the Vested website at


"How To Ensure You Get a Good Deal"

See the latest article published in MHD-Supply Chain magazine written by Andrew Downard and Kate Vitasek of the University of Tennessee. Download a copy here and read about how you can ensure you are 'getting a good deal' when entering into a Vested arrangement.